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Interview Tips

In any job interview, recruiters look out for bloopers that help them take right decisions while Shortlisting job seekers. Hence, it is of utmost importance for a job seeker to appear for an interview with right preparation. Even though one can easily search for innumerable links on interview tips, our objective is sharing common bloopers as well as myths that can be kept in mind while preparing for interviews.

It is believed that human beings use very little percentage of their brain in a lifetime. This percentage goes further down when you are a part of an environment where someone is judging you overall. This leads to committing higher number of bloopers that can easily cost a bag full of good job opportunities.

Below are some of the interview tips that can help you save your skin and commit less bloopers:

  • Never take an interview lightly: It doesn’t mean that you have to be too serious about the interview. Remember, job opportunity that never fetches inspiration to prepare well can never help one justify his position completely. All in all, preparation is no more the key in today’s competitive environment, right preparation is.
  • Wear the right attitude: Clothes make a lot of difference in an interview. Clothes along with personal hygiene shows both, how good you think of you and how you want others to perceive you. And, both the factors work in your favour. At the same time, one should show agility in his approach while handling questions.
  • Listen well: Consistent interruptions in a conversation can go against you. Thus, it is important to wait for pauses and then reply. Also, while listening to the questions, identify the objective of the question asked as this will always help you answer well. The way you answer also shows how interested you are in the applied position.
  • Ask questions: Never let an opportunity slip away when an interviewer wants you to ask any question. Asking a question means that you are at peace and are thinking beyond the result of the ongoing interview. Also, this opportunity can help you clear any of your doubts that no other source can.
  • Show passion: The least you can do while talking about your previous organisation is to show the amount of passion with which you’ve completed your tasks. It shows your level of maturity, dependability as well as sense of belonging.
  • Never Lie: Even if you are unsure of a question, avoid lying. If and when you are caught, it might cost more than you can think of.
  • KYC: It is important to “Know Your Company” you are applying in. Gather as much as information as you can. It will not only help you answer a few questions correctly if asked but also help in knowing whether it is worth applying for or joining the company.
  • Make a list of relevant references: Believe it or not, the references you give are taken more seriously than you can think of. Make sure that the references you give are relevant and speak right of you.

Any such list could go on endlessly however one must ensure to adhere to these tips for better results.

We wish you all the luck!

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