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1) What is the difference between a super-user and a sub-user?
A user has the admin rights on the entire account created for a company where one can create, delete, manage sub-users, edit account settings and subscribe to new services.
A sub user can however change password, post jobs, view job responses, search resumes and manage events.

2) Whom should I contact if I face any problems while using my account?
You can use either of our support options: Report the problem directly to us using this enquiry form: and our support team shall get back to you within 48 hours.
You can also contact our representative at:
Contact No: 0120-4999000

3) How can I post a job on Private Limited?
Posting jobs on Private Limited can be done easily with 3 simple steps: Login to your Employer’s account at Private Limited with the username and password mailed to you earlier.
Go to ‘Manage Jobs’ and then click Post Job.
Fill the Job Posting form and post it.

4) How do I view the applications received for the job that has been posted by me?
To view the applications received for the job posted by you, simply log in to Private Limited and click on Job Responses mentioned under Manage Jobs category. You will find the number of people who applied to the job posted by you.

5) What is meant my refresh a job?
Refreshing your job advertisement means extending its duration on the site. Each refresh consumes a job from your subscription. This implies that if you have subscribed to a pack of 10 jobs, you can either post 5 jobs or post one job and refresh it 9 times.

6) What kind of resumes do you have?
We have multiple kinds of resumes listed on our site varying from different functional areas, educational qualifications, location preferences and years of work experience.

7) How do I search the displayed resumes at Private Limited?
To search displayed resumes, you could type in your keywords, experience, salaries or categories in the search window on the Private Limited home page, where it says Quick Find Resumes. You could also search resumes by clicking Advance Search, IT Search, Quick Search and Role Search under the category of Search Resumes in the right panel. After clicking on any of the options, it will open onto a page where you have to fill up a form and finally click Search Resumes.

8) How long will it take for my job to get reflected on Private Limited site?
The job posted by you should be instantly visible on the site.

9) I have forgotten my password and cannot access my account.
If you are registered with us and you forget your password, you can simply click on FORGOT PASSWORD. You would then have to enter your email id. Once you have entered your email id, a confirmation mail with password link to reset your password will be sent directly to your email id.

10) What should I do if I have problems signing into my account?
If you are unable to sign in then please check if you have entered the correct email id and password. If you are still not able to sign in then contact customer care number.
Contact No: 0120-4999000

11) How can I save resumes that I like during my search?
To save the desired resumes, from the search resumes option you have to click on any of the searches and then fill in the details and click Search Resumes. You would get a list of resumes. Click on the desired resume and then click Move to option at the top. Save the resume in any of the folders and your resume will be saved.


1) I have forgotten my password and cannot access my account.
If you are registered with us and you forget your password, you can simply click on FORGOT PASSWORD. You would then have to enter your email id. Once you have entered your email id, a confirmation mail with password link to reset your password will be sent directly to your email id.

2) How can I update my profile?
To update your profile, you'll need to be signed in to your Private Limited account. Once you're signed in, you are shown a brief summary of your profile. If you wish to update your overall profile the click on UPDATE on the right side. You also have an option to update specific categories or fields on the left side under My Profile option. Eg. Click on Designation if you wish to update your designation. After filling the required information click update so that your information is automatically updated.

3) When can I expect a response after a job application?
Once you have applied for a specific job vacancy, any kind of revert depends solely on the recruiters.

4) The jobs being e-mailed to me are not what I am looking for, how can I update them?
If the jobs we send you aren't quite right, you can click on Job Alerts button in the left panel of My Profile page. You can thereafter edit the desired job search or you can even create a new job alert by clicking ‘Create Job Alert’.

5) What are the benefits of using Job Alert functionality?
Creating a Job Alert helps you find access to the latest jobs matching your ambitions. Based on the criteria that you have specified for your Job Alert, you get latest jobs in your mentioned email id. You may not have to be registered to use the benefits of Job Alert.

6) How can I change visibility settings of my account?
You can simply log in and go to settings option in My Profile page. You will find visibility settings option where you can set your current status as active, inactive or not visible. After setting the desired status please click save to save your changes.

7) How can I create a cover letter?
You can click on Cover Letter option in the left panel of My Profile page after signing in. Then click on ‘Create a cover letter’ option on the right. Simply fill in the mentioned details like Cover Letter Name, Cover Letter Content and attach the cover letter to your preferred profile. After completion of filling the required details click Submit.

8) How do I know if I have successfully applied for a job?
In case of a successful job application, you will be informed of the same through the confirmation mail sent by us directly to your email id or you can also click on Applied Jobs button to view the number of jobs applied by you.

9) How can I save a job for future reference? How to view and apply for the same job?
You can search for desired jobs by filling in details in Find Jobs category and click GO. You will get a list of relevant jobs where you can click on ‘Save this Job’. Alternately, you can also click on a particular job of your interest mentioned in the list. After selecting you can click on ‘Save this Job’ option on the right side under the More category.

10) How can I upload my resume?
To upload your resume, please see My Profile category on the right panel after singing in. Click on ‘Upload Resume’ button to successfully upload your resume.

11) How can I refer a job to a friend?
After searching jobs of your interest, select a particular job you wish to apply for. If you think you should recommend a job to your friend then click on ‘Refer a friend’ under More category mentioned against the job. After that you can mention the email id and click submit.

12) How can I delete a job alert?
Once you have logged in to your account, you are taken to the page that shows a brief summary of your account. To delete a Job Alert, click on Job Alerts given under the Settings category. You will be taken to the list of jobs. Click Delete given against the Job Alert that you have created.

13) What should I do to get more jobs in my email id?
If Job Alert based on your profile is not giving you enough jobs in your inbox, it is recommended that you complete your Profile thoroughly. And create Job Alert based on your own personalized criteria. Try adding more keywords, which allows us to find more jobs and thus send you jobs more often. You can also keep updating your resume time to time.

14) How do I search for relevant jobs?
To search for a job, you can fill the required details in the search panel. It is recommended that you specify the keywords, preferred locations, your total experience and your salary expectations to access job search result. In case of ‘No Results Found’, it is recommended that you may broaden your search by entering only a limited number of criteria.

15) Does it cost to register?
JobSeeker registration is free of cost on Private Limited.

16) Can I apply for the same job posting?
You cannot apply to the same job posting if you have applied before.

Post a Job

1) What are the categories of a job post?

With, the access for a recruiter is not limited by categories or character limits. One can easily post relevant jobs, without the barrier of word/character limit.

2) What is the validity of a job post?

60 days

3) What are the added benefits?

Along with unlimited use of characters, a recruiter will enjoy easy navigation and accessibility to post company logo without any hindrance.

My Account

1) What is the use of ‘My Profile’?

This is a personalized section, wherein a user is given the power to take full control over his/her account. Through this section, one can easily update personal details like qualification, job experience, key skills, resume, cover letter, address, date of birth, etc.

2) How can I change the password of my account?

Once logged in, you are taken to the page that shows a brief summary of your account. To change your account password, click on the ‘Change Password’ link which pops up when you go to ‘My Account’. Here, you need to enter the old password and confirm the new one. Upon confirming the new password, a confirmation mail, containing new login credential, will be sent to your email-id (which you use to open your CYB account).

3) What are advantages of My Account?

Besides being a platform to showcase personal skills and preferences, My Account offers updated interaction log of jobs that the user has applied till date and also shows the number of times the recruiters have viewed the user’s profile.


1) How to register?

Registration process in is very simple. For registration, a user needs to click on ‘New Registration’ wherein he/she will be asked to enter the name, an existing email-id and password. After that, the user will be directed to enter the area of preference and contact details. This will lead the user to follow the next step, wherein the user will be required to upload his/her updated resume. After the completion of this step, the user needs to fill the personal details as per the required field.

Besides, one can also register in through their existing Linkedin account.


In this section, a user will receive relevant job information (matching to their qualification and preferences). On regular basis, this job alert section will keep the user updated with current openings.

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